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How to Flame Other Graphic Decals.

To flame other graphic decals on this site takes a little work on your part but the results can be quite cool.

First, select the decal that you want to flame. It helps if atleast one edge is nicely curved but doesn't have to be, for example, see the flaming dice on the previous page.

Next select a flame that will come close to matching that curve. Graphic can overlap the flame, with some work you can still get a tight seal (see below). You can also trim the flame to get a better fit, use a razor blade or our snap knife. The benefit of doing this yourself is that you can use one color, two color, outline, solid, patriotic, rebel, gradient, or even tie dye flames to go with your graphic decal.

Select complimentary colors. The colors don't need to match, as our designs do on the previous page. Flame can be blue and the graphic pink and orange (see above). The reason why we are limited to 2 colors on our desings is because of software constraints and the way we cut the decals. You are not so limited if you purchase the pieces separately.

Sizing is the tough part. Eye ball the graphic and make a best guess. In the case of the above two graphics the flame is 2/3 the height of the razorback and the same height as the skeleton.

Now, just add all the pieces to your shopping cart (decals will come separate, you will need to put flame with graphic when it arrives).

Hopefully this will allow you to flame most any of our graphic decals.


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