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Airborne Tab(available in any 2 colors)
101st Airborne
101st Airborne, 187th Infantry Reg.
11th Airborne (During W.W. II)
13th Airborne (During W.W.II
17th Airborne (During W.W.II)
18th Airborne (During W.W.II)
18th Airborne
71st Airborne Bde
82nd Airborne
173rd Airborne
502nd Parachute Infantry Reg.
509th Airborne
509th Airborne (crest)
Special Forces Command (Airborne)
Special Forces Aviation
Ranger Battalion
Ranger Tab (available in any 2 colors)
Ranger 75th Reg. Insignia
Ranger 75th Reg. Scroll
Ranger 1st Bn/75th Reg. Scroll
Ranger 1st Bn/75th Infantry Scroll (obs)
Ranger 2nd Bn/75th Reg. Scroll
Ranger 2nd Bn/75th Infantry Scroll (obs
Ranger 3rd Bn/75th Reg. Scroll
Ranger 3rd Bn/75th Infantry Scroll (obs)
USA Armor Center
1st Armored
2nd Armored
3rd Armored
12th Armored
33rd Armored Reg
49th Armored
68th Armored Reg.
69th Armored Reg.
194th Armored Bgd.
1st Armor Training Bgd.
83rd Army Reserve Command
86th Army Reserve Command
96th Army Reserve Command
97th Army Reserve Command
102nd Army Reserve Command
82nd Engineer Battalion
1st Field Forces Artillery, Vietnam
2nd Field Forces Artillery, Vietnam
18th Field Artillery Brigade (Airborne)
2nd Battalion, 35th Artillery
183rd Field Artillery
1st Cavalry
2nd Cavalry (During W.W.II)
3rd Armored Cavalry
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
14th Cavalry Regiment
112th Cavalry Regiment
26th Signal Btn
69th Signal Btn
Mountian Tab (available in any 2 colors)
Special Forces Tab (available in any 2 colors)
1st Infantry
2nd Infantry
2nd Infantry, 23rd Regiment
3rd Infantry
4th Infantry
5th Infantry (Mechanized)
6th Infantry
7th Infantry
8th Infantry
9th Infantry
10th Infantry
23rd Infantry
25th Infantry
28th Infantry
29th Infantry
35th Infantry
38th Infantry
40th Infantry
41st Infantry
42nd Infantry
47th Infantry
2nd Btn, 47th Infantry Regiment
63rd Infantry
65th ARCOM
66th Infantry
69th Infantry
70th Infantry
91st Div, 364th Infantry Regiment
92nd Infantry
103rd Infantry
106th Infantry
Berlin Brigade
Infantry School
109th Military Intelligence Btn.
99th Regional Support
75th DIV(EX)
85th DIV(EX)
87th DIV(EX)
Honor Guard Tab (available in any 2 colors)
71st Training
76th Training
78th Training
80th Training
84th Training
91st Training
93rd Training
95th Training
98th Training
104th Training
108th Training
108th Training


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