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Top Gun Program (black)
Top Gun Program (blue)
A-6 Prowler Program
A-7D Corsair II Program
E-2 Hawkey Program
F-14 Tomcat Program
F-14 Tomcat Program
F-18 Hornet Program
F-18 Hornet (USMC Strike Fighter)
F-18 Hornet (USN Stike Fighter)
F/A-18 Hornet (Hornet Handler)
Joint Strike Fighter Program
Carrier Wing 17 (CVW 17)
Pat Wing Four
Western Hemisphere Group
Weapons Test Squadron, China Lake (Dust Devils)
Training Air Wing 2
Blue Angels (Gold)
CS 11
HC 6 Helicopter Combat Support Sq. (Chargers)
MSB 131
Patron Four
VAQ 128 Electronic Attack SQ (Fighting Phoenix)
VB 4
VC 13
VC 27
VC 90
VC 92
VF 5
VF 154
VFA 25 Strike Fighter SQ (Fist of the Fleet)
VFA 125 Strike Fighter Sq. (Rough Riders)
VFW 27
VFW 27 (pre 1991)
VJ 1
VJ 2
VO 2
VO 3
VO 5
VP 21
VP 22
VP 23
VP 24
VP 48
VP 51
VPB 44
VPB 143
VPB 131
VR 58 Logistics Support
VR 62 (Nor' Easter)
VS 6
VS 10
VS 12
VT 4
HMA 169 Light Helicopter Attack Sq. (Vipers)
HMA 369 Light Helicopter Attack Sq. (Gunfighters)
HMM 163 Medium Helicopter Sq. (Ridge Runners)
HMM 163 Medium Helicopter Sq. (Evil Eyes)
VMFA (AW) 121 Fighter Attack Squadron, All Weather (Green Knights)
Joint Strike Fighter Program


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