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Mail Orders

For mail orders you will need 4 things.

1. A print of the order page of what you wish to purchase.

When you customized your order you were asked to "Check Price". The page that is displayed when that button is clicked, which includes the calculated price and your customizations, is the one we need a print out of. A print of the with several orders will work even better.
Make very sure that your order is legible and has not been chopped off by your printer.

2. This form printed and filled out (we need all this information if there is a question on your order).

DecalZone mail order form
Day Phone:
Night Phone:
Money Order /  Check
              (circle one)

3. You need to calculate shipping, and if your order is to be delivered to
Minnesota or Wisconsin you also need to calculate the sales tax due.

Order Total
US Mail
To any US State
Two Day
To any US State
Next Day
To any US State
(non USA)

$0 to $100
Over $100

Write the order amount, shipping, subtotal, tax, and total below.

Order Amount :  _______________
Shipping:           _______________   Type of Shipping:  ________________
Subtotal:            _______________ (sum order amount and shipping)
Tax:                   _______________ (Minnesota multiply the subtotal by 0.07 and Wisconsin 0.06.)
Total:                 _______________ (sum tax and subtotal)

(mail orders take 1 to 2 weeks longer than our normal shipping time)


4. Signed check or money order for calculated total above made out to:
    Decal Zone Orders. Sorry, absolutely no C.O.D.

Now mail these 4 things to:

Decal Zone Orders
324 3rd St S
LaCrosse, WI 54601

Have any problems or questions call toll free 1-877-813-9663.

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