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Caution Signs
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keep electric panel area clear
keep away
keep closed
no smoking beyond this point
moving conveyor
do not operate men working on repairs
construction area authorized personnel only
flammable materials keep flame away
stop machinery
don not walk on conveyors
no trespassing
this area closed off
pregnant women should not enter
biological hazard authorized personnel only
chemical storage area authorized personnel only
chemical waste storage area
admittance to authorized personnel only
hard hat area
this water is unsafe and is not to be used for drinking washing or cooking
eye protection area
keep hands clear
this door must be kept closed
use other door
potential biohazard present
chemical storage
disconnect power supplies befor servicing
no smoking no naked flames
flammable liquids
go slow sound horn
keep gate closed
wear respirator to protect your lungs
eye protectin required beyond this point
do not touch hot
hot surface do not touch
this space must be kept clear at all times
chemical storage area
no smaking beyond this point
electrical curent keep away
do not enter when light is on
keep this door closed
wear safety glasses when useing equipment
ear and eye protection required
keep aisles clear
fumes may be present
hazardous wase
do not smoke eat or drink
always add acid to water
no smoking
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